Online Poker Tips

Online Poker Tips and Strategies

Online poker tips reflect that situation where you cannot see your opponent, and where distractions are different. To this end playing online poker deserves a unique discussion.

These are some of our Online Poker Tips and strategies to help increase your chances at winning when logging in at a poker room:

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Practice makes perfect

If you are a beginner, practice your game at play money tables until you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t play for real money until you’ve gained enough confidence.

It takes time for you to develop your own strategies and discover whether you are a safe player or an aggressive one who knows how to push an advantage to the fullest.

Online Poker is fast

Online poker is played faster than live poker. If you write notes to yourself about your game, be brief so you can glance at them quickly as you play.

Select a game that matches your skills and your style of play. Try to avoid calling too frequently, betting too much, or folding too often.

Most importantly, find a table that offers a limit similar to your skill level. Big players lurk at higher vlaue tables. They like to munch on novices. Card sharks? Heck yeah!

Don’t allow yourself to get drawn in too far when you’re holding a weak hand.

You are not sitting facing your opponent

When playing online you can not gauge your opponent’s emotions because you can’t see their faces. You need to be observant and try to spot mannerisms in the players style of play. If he regularly folds, makes quick decisions, and bets fairly rarely, he is likely experienced. If a player takes too long to make his move, chances are that he is a novice and you can probably bluff him more easily.


Beware of random players. They sit there and suddenly bet without a strong hand. You will spot this if they lose a hand after displaying this behaviour. Use this to your advantage next time they bluff.

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