3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker: how to play

An introduction to 3 Card Poker, an easy and fun online casino game

This game is sometimes also called Tri Card Poker, is a simple game in which you get three cards and are paid according to their value. The dealer’s hand is immaterial. There is no raising and no discarding, in fact no skill of any kind is involved.

Play Tri-Card Poker at SlotoCash Casino
Play 3 Card Poker (Tri Card Poker) at SlotoCash Casino

The game of 3 Card Poker is played between aDealer, a Player and a 52-card deck. This game features two games – the Ante and Raise and the Pair Plus. The object of the Ante and Raise bet is to receive a higher poker hand than the Dealer. The object of the Pair Plus game is to receive a poker hand with Any Pair or better. The Player may bet on either or both games for any amount within the posted table limit.The wagers do not have to be equal amounts.

The Player wins:
  • Ante – If the Player’s hand outranks the Dealer’s hand. Or if the Player Raises and the Dealer does not qualify with at least a Queen.
  • Raise – If the Player’s 3 Card Poker hand outranks the Dealer’s hand and the Dealer qualifies by having at least a Queen as a high card.
  • Pair Plus — If the Player is dealt a pair or better.
The Player loses:
  • Ante – If the Player folds or the Dealer has a higher ranked hand
  • Raise – If the Dealer has a higher ranked hand.
  • PairPlus — If the Player does not receive a minimum of a pair, when dealt three cards.
Multihand 3 Card Poker table:

Multihand 3 Card Poker Table

With Multihand3 Card Poker, the action kicks up a notch because you can choose to play up to 5 hands of cards with the option of playing each handindividually. In Multi-hand 3 Card Poker thestakes are greater — but so are the potentialrewards!

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