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Why Online Poker Rooms are Better than Land Based Poker Rooms

By Ralf Vinogradov

Online Poker Rooms have become the greatest hit in the online gambling industry. Them being the current cash cow and source of income for many people involved. It provides an unique opportunity for the world’s top players. They can enjoy poker action against each other or any player without leaving home.

Online Poker Rooms like Bovada Poker Room offer better deals than Land Based Poker Rooms!

One of the most logical things to mention first is “no travelling”. You don’t have to pay for the cab to visit your local casino. It also helps you save time, which means more poker action for you. More poker action simply means that you can play more poker and playing more poker means more game experience and bigger skill.

More Online Poker Games

Online poker rooms usually have bigger selection of games than land based ones. They also offer better opportunities to learn the game without you feeling uncomfortable. On the internet everyone is anonymous, so no staring eyes, mean looks or fist shaking.

In the internet you can play multiple tables at once. It increases your win rate and will probably raise your profits too. This is because you most likely end up playing 200 or morehands per hour. Now, how sick is that – it’s 4 times more than in land based poker room!

Also – and that’s one of my favorite aspects of playing poker online – there’s no real dealer in online poker. That means no tips and I like it (sorry, dealers and dealerettes!). I recommend you to start counting the money you give away to dealers when playing at a casino. You probably notice that you “donate” more money to dealers than casino edge would take from you anyway, in the long run that is. Also, when there’s no dealer, there’s no dealer mistakes made.

No distractions – No flirty dealers!

Even though I mentioned earlier that you can end up playing more than 200 hands per hour, be assured you have more time to concentrate on your strategy. You can play without pressure (no external pressures such as sexy dealers who flirt.

Online poker venues also give out bonuses, which rarely happens in land based poker rooms. That means more money and more money means more poker! Have fun!

Ralf Vinogradov is a part-time newspaper journalist and an editor and webmaster of a gambling related website Best Online Casinos and Online Gambling.

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