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What Is The Best Online Poker Game Strategy?

An online poker game involves two major variables: human behavior and ever changing odds. There’s no doubt that luck plays a major role in short term poker success but over the long run, poker is undeniably a game of skill. Like any classic game of skill, it demands study and practice from those who want to achieve master status.

The basic building blocks of good online poker strategy

As a poker player, it helps to have a conscious or unconscious understanding of odds and expectation. Odds are just another way of looking at expectation. Odds compare the amount of money in the online poker game pot to the amount of money you would have put in to continue playing. It helps to answer the eternal question in poker strategy: “Is it worth it to continue in this hand?” To answer that, you must have a sense for card odds. Lets say the pot contains $100 and you need to put in $10 to continue playing. The pot odds are 10-1. If you have a better chance of winning than that, it’s worth calling. If you have a 20-1 chance of making that hand? It’s time to fold.

Most players play way too many hands. Top winning players know “folding” can be the most profitable play in online poker. This discipline is difficult for the recreational player. If you read the experts’ books, you’ll see how they preach patience and discipline, and you’ll be shocked by how many hands they say to throw away. Aggressive players are successful only when they know when to throw in a hand.

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Good Online Poker Strategy

Another effective online poker game strategy is to note that the bluff is not as key an element of the game as you might think. Clever deception has manifold pleasures, but it shouldn’t be rolled out indiscriminately. As part of your online poker game strategy, you can use the pot odds to guide your bluffing. An occasional, not-too-costly “discovered bluff” (one that doesn’t work) may help you win bigger pots in later hands. Players may think you are a ‘bluffer’ and stay in when you actually do have a good hand. Remember this: only try to bluff the good players (as they will lay down a hand). Don’t bluff bad players who don’t know the game well.

For the player seeking a profit, a good game is not one where titans of equal strength square off against each other. The law of the jungle rules the poker table. The secret of winning money consistently is to find games with players who play worse than you do.

Successful players need weak players who permit their money to be siphoned off by strong players. Guilt does not pay in an online poker game. Guile does, so make it part of your strategy. These are but a few poker strategy tips. In the long run, you have control of your own poker fate. Stay calm, don’t play wildly or desperately and you should be alright.

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