Casino Craps Budget

Stretching Your Casino Craps Budget

It’s a risky game unless you have a good Casino Craps Budget. Craps is a most exciting game with proper bankroll management.

What a feeling when the dice leave your hand! The uncontrolled flight, landing on the green felt, the die crashing into a wall and bouncing around until rolling onto a combination. You never know what you’re going to get when you roll with Craps.

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One thing’s for sure, it’s easy to lose a lot of money in a short period of time at the Craps table. Stretching your Craps playing stake should always be on your mind.

Craps Rules

The game of Craps, next to Roulette, has the most combinations to bet on. Know what everything on that Craps table means. Know what will happen after every roll.

If you want to stretch your casino craps budget be certain you know the rules!

Make sure you know what bets are available to you. Familiarize yourself with the Pass / No Pass line, the Come / Don’t Come line, Odds Bets, Place Number and Proposition Bets. Don’t ever approach a Craps table without knowing the all the ins and outs otherwise you’ll be throwing away your money.

Craps Betting Strategy

If you want to stretch your Casino Craps budget you need to have a betting strategy.

Don’t necessarily play every roll of the die; play safe bets like the Pass / Don’t Pass line. The odds are even but a simple bet like this can keep a player in a game that has many rolls. To stretch their Craps budget, players should be making bets that will keep them in the game as long as possible. In other words, stay away from propositional bets that expire after one roll, like hitting a 2, 3, 11, 12, Hop and Horn bets; if anything play the Field, where the odds are much more in a roller’s favor. Or play the hard bets, like a hard 4, hard 6, etc; these bets are alive until a 7 is hit and the odds on hard bets are good.

Excitement can lead to you ignoring your craps budget and strategy

Awareness should apply to everything in life. When gambling, a player should be more aware than usual because of the extra stimuli and emotions brought on by the risks and pleasures of the action, especially in Craps.

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You want to stretch your Casino Craps budget? Stay in the moment. Be aware of what’s going on. Keep an eye on the budget. Control the game, don’t let the game control you.

Stay focused and have fun. Rolling Craps is as about as good as it gets in the casino.

The Online craps game is fast becoming the favorite of many players. The game used to be available in only a few casinos around the world, now you can play craps online.

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