Blackjack Online

Advantages of Playing Blackjack Online

Whether you play blackjack online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, playing basic blackjack strategy is of utmost importance if you want to win. A major advantage when playing online is that you don’t need to memorize the strategy rules. Simply print out the strategy tables, paste them next to your computer and refer to them as you go. For a good set of strategy tables click here.

Are there advantages to playing blackjack online? Besides the free games? Yes, think strategy tables!

When playing blackjack online you don’t need to feel intimidated or worry about what other players at your table might think of your skills. You can take your time studying your basic strategy charts and make the 100% correct decision every time. That way you’ve got a good chance of stacking the odds in your favor.

Not all online blackjack games are alike.

There can be differences in rules, for instance, when does the dealer have to stand? Also watch the number of decks of cards used. Fewer decks are better. It pays to shop around and find the games that offer the most favorable conditions.

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When you play blackjack on the internet, try to find games that offer the surrender option. When you’ve seen your first two cards and you don’t like your prospects, you can surrender your hand at a cost of half of your bet. This is a good option when you are certain it’s going to be a losing hand anyway. In some games you can surrender before the dealer checks to see if he has blackjack, in other games after he has checked. Before is slightly better.

Keep track of the cards still in the blackjack shoe

You don’t need to be a card counter, but try to keep track of what cards remain in the shoe. If after the first round a lot of small denomination cards (2s to 8s) have been dealt, double or even triple your bet. You have a better chance of getting a winning hand when more high cards (10s to Aces) are still in the shoe. After a shuffle return to your base level bet until you get an idea of what remains in the shoe.

Follow the above tips and you’ll be playing blackjack online like a pro.

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