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Online Poker Hands – Poker Hand Rankings

Know the basics of poker

Knowing your online poker hands is crucial. Someone once said that "if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there". This is honestly true with poker. However, it is not that simple. You need to know your hand and the potential of your hand over the course of a game.

Poker is not a lonely game

Poker is interactive with other players and therein lies the true challenge. You do indeed need to know your hand. You need to know just how good a hand you might possibly draw. However, you must also keep an eye on all the hands of the other players. What hands might they have? What possibilities lie in store for them.

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Learning is key when knowing the cards but reading people is an art.

You’ve all seen the sunglasses, the act, the boredom (feigned), the excitement (feigned), or even the dead pan face (an art in itself). It’s all about hiding the power of your hand, its value, or its potential value from the other players.

Video Poker too

Video poker is merely an automated poker game. The online casino world really does well with video poker and offers as many as 100 hand multi hand games. Add to this the range of games and you will be blown away. Find out more about online video poker here.

The poker hands retain their order of value in video poker but some of the games throw you a curve ball. Some games glorify 4 Aces by making their payline way higher than others. Across the board though, the Royal Flush always rules!

On to those hand values

The table below depicts the hands for you. Learn them well and long may they serve you!

Royal Flush Royal Flush Description
Straight Flush Straight Flush Description
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind Description
Full House Full House Description
Flush Flush Description
Straight Straight Description
Three of a kind Three of a Kind Description
Two Pair Two Pair Description
One Pair One Pair Description
High Card High Card Description
Bad luck poker

Sometimes you get dealt a great hand and someone else simply has a slightly better one. This is known as a bad beat. Keep your eye out. Some poker rooms reward bad beats with prizes…

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