Myths and Truths of online gambling

Myths and Truths

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Perfection takes time

Myths and Truths of casino gambling. Perfection takes time is an intriguing tile for an online gambling topic not so? Well, what is it about online gambling that takes time?

Winning big jackpots might take a minute or a lifetime, who knows? When the wheel turns and you are in front of the queue, great, well done! For the most part though, there are thousands of people waiting to win that jackpot. Waiting patiently because perfection takes time!

The roulette dream strategy

I like to think of that famous Roulette strategy. Basically put, if you keep doubling your bet on black or red you should win quite quickly. Simple mathematics says that by rebooting and rebooting this strategy you will end up a winner. Really? Just because there are as many reds as there are blacks does not make this a fact.

Take some time (there is the time word again) at any casino and track the ball. Some runs on red or black can extend to the point where you begin to think the game is rigged! You would have run out of money by now! The game is not rigged though. You can in fact flip a coin at home to test this. The perfect world sees maybe 48 reds, 48 blacks, and 4 greens in 100 spins. The real world is way different… You see, perfection takes time! Don’t mess around with strategies that work on assumptions like these. You will be kicked into touch and you will be all the poorer for the experience. You will get closer to the 50/50 mark after millions of spins and flips!

What about slot machines?

The "Perfection takes time" statement even applies to slot machines. You might see a label that a slot machine has a 98% payout percentage. This is quite commonplace especially at online casinos who have far lower overheads than their brick and mortar counterparts. Go for it. Play 100 spins at $1 each and see if the machine gives you $98 back. It is far more likely that you will lose your money rather quickly. You see, let’s say 5 people won the jackpot. They possibly got a return of a few hundred percent. Who do you think subsidized the win? You did… If you believe that having given your last 100 coins to a slot machine that it is now MORE due than before, then that sadly is a solid slot machine myth. Each spin is a new spin. It is NOT cumulative.

Strategies have their place in casinos. This is where true mathematics comes into things. With video poker, each hand has a different payout and the cards remaining in the deck determine the odds of a winning hand being achieved. You can actually calculate perfect strategy for blackjack and video poker. That’s not about perfection. Hitting a Royal Flush though, let’s face it, perfection takes time!

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The moral of this artical is to tell you that the slot machine is never going to be due (that’s a myth and not a truth), it will pay when it will pay. You can go weeks between jackpots and then suddenly have two in consecutive spins. This applies to all the casino games. The only thing you can do is to play the optimum strategy for a given hand and then hope that the cards fall right for you. That strategy is based on mathematics alone (that’s a truth and not a myth). It is based on a finite deck of cards and a known payout percentage per hand.