Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker Guide

One of the most exciting poker games in casinos for players is Caribbean Poker (also known as Caribbean Stud Poker). This game is perfect for beginners looking to play poker that are not experienced with betting patterns and hand values.

Some of the other features that make this type of Poker less complicated are the lack of bluffing opportunities, and that play is only valid between the dealer and each individual player. No player-versus-player action is present in this poker game.

The Caribbean Poker game can be found in online poker rooms as well as online casinos (because it is a dealer versus player type game).

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How to Play

Caribbean Poker is very much like a 5-card Stud game in which the dealer deals each player present in the hand 5 cards face-down on the table, along with 5 cards for him, but one of his or her cards will be face up for all players to view. Before the dealer deals, however, each player must ante a certain specified amount into the pot in order to play.

If players were to reveal their cards to other players at the table or viewers surrounding the table, then the dealer would declare that hand dead, the player must forfeit his hand and wait until the next round.

Some casinos may even ask the player to withdraw from the table and be asked to leave. After the dealer collects the antes and deals the initial 5 cards to each player, the fairly simple betting tactics come into play.

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Player decisions

Players are now faced with the decision of whether to call the bet with the hand they hold. The bet they must call tends to range from two to three times the amount of the ante. This call will signify that the player believes his or her hand is more valuable than the dealer’s hand. If a player makes the call and the dealer’s hand is less valued than the player’s, the player will win a payout determined by the player’s hand.

However, in order for the entire round to take place, the dealer’s hand must meet certain standards. If the dealer’s hand value does not exceed an A-K high, the entire round is considered dead, and the player’s antes are returned for the next round. This is how the casino gains an edge in the Caribbean Poker game. If each hand were played without having the dealer meet certain requirements, the game would be completely even and the house would have no edge. But, as any gambler knows, the casino always has the advantage, in this specific case 5.316%.

Pay Out Format

As stated before, each player’s hand that exceeds the dealer’s value will win a certain payout, and the stronger the hand that wins will pay out in a more valuable ratio. Many casinos differ slightly, and payouts should be viewable at the tables at which you sit, but most follow a standard format as follows:

Royal Flush………………100: 1
Straight Flush…………… 50: 1
Four-of-a-kind…………… 20: 1
Full-House…………………. 7: 1
Three-of-a-kind…………… 3: 1
Two Pair……………………. 2: 1
One Pair……………………. 1: 1

Therefore if a player were to beat the dealer’s hand with a J-J-3-J-4, the player would be profited with 3 times the amount he wagered. But you must also remember, even if you were to hold a Royal Flush, and the dealer’s hand did not exceed the A-K high requirement, then hand would be declared dead, and you would not win the 100: 1 winnings.

Progressive Jackpots

Many casinos also offer progressive jackpots that players can be involved in. Usually they require an extra, or add-on bet that determines they wish to enter the progressive jackpot. They then have the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush or certain percentages with less valuable hands.

Basic Caribbean Poker Call Strategy

A basic poker strategy for beginners is to determine a breaking point for which you should call and fold. The most basic call/fold strategy is as follows: Always call with a pair or higher, always fold with less than A-K high, and always call with A-K high WHEN the dealer’s showing card is a Queen through 2 and matches one of your hole cards or the dealer’s showing card is an Ace or King and you have a Queen or Jack in your hand. Odds are always against having a pair in your hand, which is difficult for many beginners to believe. So odds are if you have an A-K high hand with other high face cards, you have the better hand.

Remember these simple strategies and familiarize yourself with the basic poker rules. Before you know it, you will be a master at Caribbean Poker, along with a number of other similar poker games.

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