A Craps Strategy for
Frugal Gamblers

Here is my craps strategy for keeping out of trouble: Set your perimeters before you approach the table. Decide in advance how much of a bankroll you're willing to risk and how big a win you'd be happy with.

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My personal goal is to win an amount equal to what I start with. If I buy-in for $50, I will quit when I've doubled my stake or lost it. With my objectives clearly defined, I cannot get into a situation I might sorely regret later. Whether the session ends positive or negative, I take an extended break before coming back to the same spot or trying another table.

In craps, as in most other casino games, if you want to win big money, you have to risk big money. There is probably no way around this fact. But, as a smart craps player you don't make large bets with the money you brought to the table. Keep your wagers small until you can bet back what used to be the casinos money -- now your winnings.

Start cautiously, wager no more than the minimum unit required. When you win, bet two units. Win again, risk three units. If you win a third time, bet five units. Then stay at that level until you lose. Revert back to the table-minimum after a loss. This assures that you risk only your winnings in pursuit of larger gains, while making your own, original bankroll last as long as possible.

Don’t risk more than your predetermined stake. Never try to win back your losses. Nine out of ten times that strategy won't work. You'll just dig yourself into a deeper hole. Conversely, once you've reached what you set out to win, cash in and pat yourself on the back for being such a smart craps player!

Good Luck!

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