An Advanced Poker Strategy

How to crush 'rocks' to dust

Even with this advanced poker strategy, it may not be easy extracting money from a 'rock' (a really tight player). These players bide their time and wait for hands with a high probability of winning. If they think the hand is losing, they fold.

Occasionally you will get the opportunity to play a rock heads-up. Maybe you two are waiting for a table to fill. Maybe a few people just lost their stacks and a few more are sitting out. In any case you now have a chance to make money from him.

In order to get this strategy started you need to raise nearly every hand pre-flop. For about 75% of the hands, you will use position as much as the cards in determining what to play -- about 100% of the hands where you are the button and about 50% of the hands where you aren't. On the flop, regardless if you hit or didn't hit, you should bet your pre-flop bet again. He should fold here. If he doesn't and there is no obvious draw, you have probably lost the hand. If there is a draw, keep betting small amounts on the turn and river and expect him to fold his busted draw.

He will probably call about 20% of the first dozen or so hands that you play like this. Your poker strategy is going to be to have him hit on one of these hands and have him call you for a draw or call you with a pair against 2 pair etc. In this case you are going to increase your bets on the turn or river or call his raise and bet bigger on the next card.

Whether or not you are able to hit shouldn't matter too much provided that you limit your average losses in hands he calls to about 5 blinds. This is not too difficult because he will raise you pre-flop with some premium hands and you will fold all but high pocket pairs and AK suited. This way you should be getting about the same return as playing back and forth without raises, except that this poker strategy will start to aggravate you opponent.

When he has become agitated he should start to play more hands. Betting out of place and calling on rivers he wasn't before. His thinking being that you are super loose and he needs to loosen up just a bit in order to beat you.

Your advantage now is that it will be harder for him to detect a change in your game play than for you to detect one in his. For example if he calls ¾ of a series of hands you will know he has changed gears. He will expect some reaction from you so your tightening up won't register in his mind as anything more than his new looseness, which equates to bluffing, being affective.

This poker strategy should result in you winning a large pot against him as he overplays a pair or two. If that doesn't happen, start showing him your winning bluffs and soon enough it will. The most important thing to remember is that when a new player sits down he isn't a rock on tilt and you will need to revert to more conservative strategies.

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