Online Casino Gambling vs. Land Based Gambling

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Online casino gambling and land-based gambling are similar. The games have the same payout schedules. Players have the same chance to win no matter which they choose.

Regardless of the similarities, there are not only many differences in the experience of the act, but also in the way the casinos promote themselves.

Promotional Offers

Land-based casinos and online casinos differ in how they attract players.

Land-based casinos offer comps to their VIPs, high rollers and long time players. Comps can come in a variety of forms; free accommodations, free food and drink vouchers, in some cases, free flights. These perks aren’t issued until a player has spent a lot of time and money in one particular casino; it could take several visits before a casino begins to recognize the patronage of their players.

Online Casino Gambling takes a completely different approach through a bonus system. Almost every online casino offers a generous sign-up bonus in the form of credit to new players.

Some casinos offer 100% bonuses. If a player put a $200 into a new account, the casino credits the player with $400. Of course a player has to roll the bonus over a number of times before being allowed to withdraw the money, but still, online casino bonuses can be very impressive. Other online casino bonuses include a re-load bonus and kickback clause.

Re-load bonuses could be anywhere from 10% to 50%. Every time a player puts money into their account, they are rewarded a bonus, regardless of how often they play.

A kickback clause is when an online casino gives back a percentage; say 3% for example, of all a player’s wagering for a certain period. The kickback is popular in horse books in particular.

Time vs. Experience

Online Casino Gambling offers efficiency. Online casinos are easy to access, maneuver through and overall, are a lot faster. There’s no parking at an online casino. No traveling to get there. It’s an easy time and you will still find all your favorite casino games.

Land-based casinos offer a player experience. Going to a land-based casino is an event. You get dressed, clean yourself up and perhaps go to a restaurant; you make a night-out-of-it. A land-based casino is a social event not a personal journey.

Land-based casinos can also be efficient, especially when it comes to the most important thing about gambling, one’s winnings.

At a land-based casino, players will receive their winnings immediately, whereas with online casinos there’s a bit of a delay before the money can be delivered.

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