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This text is about baccarat for beginners. It is a quite simple casino game and you do not need to be a professional gambler in order to play it. There are only three types of bets in Baccarat, namely Banker bet, Player bet and Tie bet.

Baccarat is structured as a group game, all the players have to play the same hand. Most baccarat games allow players to bet on only one hand and this is not in their favor.

In this Baccarat for Beginners article you will learn that the goal is to achieve a total of 9 points per hand. It is important to know that, to conform with baccarat basic rules, only three cards are allowed to be dealt per each hand. You also need to know that each card has a certain value. For instance, a card representing an ace equals one point, while tens and face cards equal zero points. The value of the hand is revealed at the end of each round when the cards and the corresponding points are being counted.

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The advantage of playing baccarat is that you don't need to memorize difficult rules. No matter if you are a professional player or a newcomer, you can play the game equally well. This is possible because in baccarat you do not have to decide what your next move will be, instead you just rely on your intuition.

As baccarat for beginners shows you, the game is easy to learn. There are no strategic decisions to be made and you do not need to have excellent gambling skills. The other positive aspect of baccarat is the low casino advantage. This casino advantage will vary according to the type of bet you choose. In case you select the banker bet, the casino advantage is about 1.17%. If your choice focuses on the player bet, than the casino advantage is 1.36%.

Compared to the two bets mentioned above, the tie bet is the worst one, as it has the highest casino edge of 14%. It is recommended that you should avoid the tie bet altogether. The rules and techniques of baccarat are very easy. You have to decide nothing else except which of the three bets to make, player, banker or tie. After you've chosen, two hands are dealt, each consisting of two cards. One of the hands is for the banker and the other is for the player.

The points of the two cards in each hand will be added. The main purpose of the game is to have a result close to 9. Once the values of the first two cards corresponding to each hand have been established, the player or the banker, or both, may draw a third card. However, only the rules of the game decide if this is possible.

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I hope you are reading this Baccarat for beginners text, because you wish to enjoy this very exciting and simple game. Due to its convenient house edges, it is good if you play as often as possible in order to develop your own strategies and techniques. Playing baccarat can be really profitable, if the player uses a smart betting strategy. As there are a limited number of betting possibilities, the task of creating a reliable betting pattern is not difficult.

If you decide to bet on the banker, it is a fortunate choice, as you have better winning opportunities than if you had bet on player. It is generally accepted that the greatest advantage of the banker bet is the 1.17% house edge. This is why, as a beginner, you should make this type of bet. Nevertheless, you should be aware that a commission is imposed by the casino (generally around 5%) every time you win. Irrespective of this commission, it is still advantageous to choose the banker bet.

The player bet represents the second good betting option in baccarat, although the casino’s take is a little bit higher than on the banker bet. The good news about the player bet is that the casino takes no commission on your winnings. The great majority of bets are on the player, though it is recommended that you should not ignore the banker bet (mainly because of the better odds).

As you study baccarat for beginners, don't forget that the Tie bet is the most unfavorable. The 14% house edge for this bet is extremely high, that is why it should be avoided. The only positive aspect of tie bet lies in the fact that occasional winning payouts can be very substantial.

Baccarat is all about bets, choose the bet size that suits your budget, skills and expectations and the action will flow in a nice and natural way. Usually, novice players are confused when it comes to the winning situations. They generally believe that you need a total of 8-9 points per hand in order to win. This is a very common mistake. Just like in blackjack, you need to pay attention to the total of points per each hand and compare them. If the point count belonging to one hand is higher than that one belonging to the other, the former wins.

I hope you found this baccarat for beginners lesson helpful. To become a flawless baccarat player, I suggest you practice for free at an online casino, before deciding to wager real money. By doing this you will have more chances of finding out important details and special features. Have fun and good luck!

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