How to Play Baccarat
and Win

To play baccarat has been a privilege of rich people. With time other gambling games became available to everyone, but baccarat kept its exclusivity. This is possibly the simplest gambling game of them all; perhaps that is the reason for its popularity with the upper crust of society.  Baccarat used to be played exclusively by well-dressed people in a separate room of the casino. In recent years, things have changed; today everyone is able to enjoy baccarat, online or in live casinos.

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When you play baccarat, you receive two or more cards. Your score is made by the sum of the cards modulo ten. See Baccarat for Beginners for clarification. You can make one of three possible bets: player, banker or tie. You decide on which to bet. If you chose correctly, you win.

Since the game is so simple, it's not hard to define a good method for winning. There are very few things that depend on the player, so creating a good strategy is relatively easy. If you play to win, make an educated guess and hope Lady Luck is by your side.

Because the outcome of the game is determined by how the cards fall, some players like to keep track of played hands. Live casinos provide pencil and paper for that purpose. The theory is that if what was played is kept track of, one can predict which cards might show up next. This is not a reliable strategy; I'd say it's not worth the bother.

The better method is based on what king of bets you make. Statistics show that, over time, you have a greater chance of winning if you bet continuously on the banker hand. In the long run the banker hand wins more often. The tie hand is not a good bet, because the house edge is up to fifteen percent. Of the other two betting possibilities in this game, sticking with bets on banker is probably your best baccarat strategy.

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Other considerations when you play baccarat are the number of decks and the commission percentage charged. A one-deck baccarat game is more predictable. If it's easier to know what cards are still in play, you have a better chance of winning. The commission is also important. When you decide to play baccarat you should look for a casino that charges a low commission and uses only one deck of cards.

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Have fun and much luck at the table!