A Simple
Baccarat Strategy


This is a simple baccarat strategy designed to protect your bankroll. In even-money betting you can't hope to get ahead if you wager the same amount each time and collect after every win. In order to win more you have to risk more.

As a smart gambler you use a strategy where you bet bigger using your winnings, not the money you brought to the table.

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When playing baccarat it is not uncommon to win 3 or 4 consecutive decisions. This is what would happen if you play baccarat in a way that that exploits such streaks by letting your winnings multiply.

1. Round: Bet 1 unit. If you win leave your bet and your win on the table.
2. Round: Bet 2 units. If you win there are 4 units on the table

3. Round: Bet 4 units. Win again and you collect 8 units, a net win of 7 units for a one-unit wager.

4. Round: Start over. Bet 1 unit.

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Sometimes you feel like pushing your luck and go for four consecutive wins, collecting 16 units. But consider that you might give back your gains. Then again, if the fourth round indeed turns out to be a loser, you've lost only one unit of the money you brought to the table, so maybe going for a 16 unit win is worth the risk. You decide.

The main thing any time you're playing baccarat is to set win and loss exit points. Decide how much money you can afford to risk in total and how much of a win you'd be happy with. Quit as soon as you reach one or the other of those limits.

Good Luck

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