Playing an Enjoyable
Poker Game Online

If you enjoy a poker game online, here are some tips to help you win more often. There are millions of poker players; 95 percent of them play kitchen-table poker.

online poker 

The Only Game
Worth Playing

If poker is your game, then bodog is your online destination. Tournaments are available in many formats for all major poker games.

You'll find multi-table tournaments, freerolls, shootouts & sit–and–go tournaments in the Bodog Poker Room.

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Thousands play in land-based casinos and now an just as many play poker online.
A few hundred really good players earn their living playing the game. You may not aspire to become a professional poker player, but even if you play only an occasional poker game online, here are a few things you may want to know.

As the number of online poker players grows by leaps and bounds, so does the number of sites where you can play. Playing poker online is not quite the same as playing in your favorite land-based casino.

The biggest advantage of poker, compared to other casino games, is the player does not compete against the house. In this game, the card room makes its profit from the table "rake", which is a small percentage of each pot. The house doesn't care whether players win or lose.

Once you've chosen a poker room in which to play, you need to sign on. You may want to start by playing free games. This gives you a chance to experiment. Click buttons and get to know exactly how things work. Playing free games is good initial practice, but it's not the same as having real money at stake. Once you know the mechanics of the game, switch to 5-cent or 10-cent games; you'll learn winning strategies much faster. Then move up to $1 and higher games once you've gained some confidence and feel you can win.

Get a 100% match bonus up to $200 to play a poker game online.

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