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Online Keno Player Report on Captain Cook’s Video Keno Game

Online Keno report by "Bullet Bob" Maxwell

Keno is not necessarily just a shot at the big bucks lottery that the Vegas casinos offer to keep you gambling along with your ham and eggs. With creative graphics it can be one of the most entertaining gambling games on the net. With the right kind of payout schedule you can make lots and lots of plays, without catching any blockbusters, and still end up winner.

I haven’t come close to seeing all the online keno versions that are out there, but the one by Microgaming, which is available at Captain Cook’s Online Casino, is so much better than any I’ve played that I just have to tell you about it. This game is FUN!

Front Weighted Payouts

The big difference between the Captain’s Online Keno and other online keno games that you are likely to find is the player friendly graphics and the front weighted payout structure. To find out more about the game, you can read what I discovered here, or Go Straight To Captain Cook’s Casino.

The betting range is $1, $2, $5 and $10 to play 1 to 15 spots. . . The graphics are terrific, but the most important feature of this game is it’s payout structure. I’ll cover this later, but first the graphics.

Captain’s Online Keno Graphics
Captain Cooks Online Keno graphics from Microgaming

The classy layout, that was designed especially for Captain Cook’s Casino is shown here in this screen shot.

When you make your bet and press the play button, a ships cannon starts firing the number balls with a cannon (actually a bass drum) sound. Each ball is shot off the screen and then reappears to roll down the collector rack. In this keno game the balls are fired at just the right speed of a little faster than one a second. Not too fast – not too slow.

All the balls are yellow except for the ones that hit your selections. These are red. The great thing about the collector rack is that it gives you a sense of how your selections are doing, such as how early or late the come out, how they group etc. However, the big advantage of the rack is knowing about how many balls are still to come out when you need just one more hit for a big payoff

Keno Humor

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve noticed that many times when you can see several more shots left to get that much needed hit, and you root hard enough, a red ball will magically appear! When you clear the board for your new selection, the balls stay in rack until you press the button for the next play. That way you can make your next selection from the numbers that just hit or didn’t hit if you want to.

Captain Cook’s Online Keno Payout Structure – The Big Difference
Captain Cooks Casino has payouts for much fewer Keno Balls

Most casino and online keno games have payout programs designed to give very large rewards to players that mark about eight or more spots and then catch all or nearly all of their numbers but don’t pay anything for catching just a few of them (which is what happens practically all the time).

For example, the online Shark Casino doesn’t pay anything for 4 hits on a 10 spot selection, but if you are playing a 1 dollar 10 spot and catch all ten numbers you win $100,000. Fortunately, the chances of this happening are a little better than being struck by lightning on your birthday and it can definitely happen.

Captain’s Online Keno pays out much more often than the regular Keno games but pays much lesser amounts for the longshot catches.

Analysis of Captain Cooks payout structure

At first, you might look at these 11 spot payoffs and conclude that it makes much more sense to play the game that pays $100 if you catch 7 than one that only pays $15. Seven out of eleven spots is only about three quarters of them and doesn’t sound all that difficult, and it is very possible . . but . . it is still 276 to 1 against you. So if you start with $100, enough to make a hundred one dollar plays, chances are you will run out of money long before that seven or better appears.

On the other hand, when playing Captain’s Keno higher number spots (11 – 15 picks), you only have to catch two or three to get either half or all your bet back. This happens practically all the time and you normally get many times the plays with these front weighted payouts than you would from the same amount of starting money with the typical payout machines.

Captain Cooks Casino has the best paying online casino keno game

All these extra plays is what makes online keno at Captain Cook’s so much fun. Even though the longshot hits can’t buy a house, you get a jillion shots at them, and in the process you occasionally luck into some very nice medium size wins.

My Online Keno Story

Here’s how my first try at the Captain’s Video Keno went. I started with a $60 transfer to the Captain from my Neteller account. (Every online player should have a Neteller account. It’s the only way to go.) The $60 plus a sign up and monthly bonus started me off with $140.

NETeller is an eWallet that is totally safe and ultra convenient!

After some Blackjack and Three Card Poker, I had $125 and found the Online Keno game. The unusual payout structure and the look of the game caught my attention so I started experimenting with the different type of plays and finally chose the $1 thirteen spot. By then I was hooked and began a six hour, almost straight through session. My BR never got below $100 and hovered between $110 and $140 for a couple hours.

A time to Win

Then I started catching a lot of three, four, and five dollar wins along with two or three $20 wins. I never caught anything higher than that. Long story short. After about five hours at that online keno game, I ran my BR up to a high of $277. At that time, instead of using my usual 20% floating stop loss, I decided to increase my play to $2 and $5 bets and go for it!

I’m not going to tell you all about what happened after that, but I will tell you this… It wasn’t pretty! That’s it for the report.

Captain Cooks Online Keno is a good game. I give it Two Thumbs Up!

"Bullet Bob" Maxwell

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