Lotto Wheeling

Lotto Wheeling with Lotto Hitter

Use lotto wheeling instead of quick picks when playing Lotto. Experienced gamblers know random picks give the WORST odds! You can mathematically INCREASE YOUR ODDS with a simple method, known as WHEELING.

Wheeling gives you the best chance of winning, because you get the best coverage for your money.

Lotto Hitter provides you with lotto wheeling and ways to enjoy a winning lottery system
An example of Lotto Wheeling

Say you’re playing a game with 6 numbers. You pick your favorite 9 numbers. There are 84 different 6-spot combinations you can make with 9 numbers. But you only want to play 20 tickets. What do you do?

Enter your 9 numbers in the lotto wheel and tell it to pick 20 tickets for you. Your 9 numbers will be as evenly distributed over those 20 tickets as possible. Why is this good?

Suppose the minimum number of correct picks for a prize is 3 numbers, and you pick 3 right among your 9 favorites. You don’t have to get all the right numbers to win something. You do however want the most right number on the most lotto tickets. That is what Lotto Wheeling does for you. That is what Lotto Hitter does for you!

That is why you use a Lotto Wheel

Those 3 right picks will have the best odds of showing up on the most tickets if you use the Lotto Hitter Wheeling method.

REMEMBER: A bunch of little wins is almost as good as one big win! And if you pick more than 3 right numbers, GREAT! You always get the best distribution on all your tickets if you’re using Lotto Hitter.

You could do your own lotto wheeling, but you’d be spending HOURS working out the math and getting frustrated with wheel tables, or end up just guessing. On the other hand you could spend 30 seconds with Lotto Hitter and play the most efficient tickets using YOUR FAVORITE NUMBERS. Find out more about playing the lottery online and be a winner today.

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